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Top 5 Nashville is a HUGE sports fan. Over the next few days, we will fill out countless brackets, mull over upset picks and act like we won’t be watching every second on our phone at work.  But we also know that Top 5 Nashville must continue, and what better way then by bringing some of March Madness fever to your favorite blog!

So we bring to you the Final Four of Beef. The moment Top 5 Nashville was created, and the hint of a possible Burger debate was floated, these four “coaches” have been prepping their teams. 4 Regions, each with their own Top 5 Burgers in Nashville. After reading all four, scroll to the bottom and vote for which Region you think has the best Top 5. 4 will enter, 1 will leave as Champion.  Perhaps that Region will even get a “One Shining Moment” tribute video…we will see if CBS has time to edit an extra one.

Coach – Charlie Haddock ( @charliehaddock )

1. Burger Republic
This is my hands down favorite for burgers. All of their burgers are made from certified angus beef with a blend of short rib, brisket, and chuck – ground to a mouth-watering combination. Their signature burger is called The Burger Republic – white cheddar cheese, Guinness braised bacon and onions, lettuce, tomato, their special republic sauce on a Brioche bun. This will give your taste buds a sensation normally found on wedding nights. To go with the burger, they have great milkshakes and 16 beers on tap including many local brews. Get there early (always a wait after 5:30). To the Burger Up fans.. Burger Republic takes a BURGER and says UP yours!
burger republic

2. Rotier’s
Rotier’s is a Nashville landmark located off West End by the Vanderbilt campus. Their burgers are old school, juicy, full of flavor. Add in some fried pickle spears and you have a delicious lunch.

3. PM
Located on the heart of Belmont University’s campus, PM is known for succulent sushi and bodacious burgers. I guarantee  PM will give you a burger experience you have never had in your life. Staying true to the Thai-themed restaurant, their burger is packed full of Thai spices. This is a burger that will leave you wet after you eat it from all of the juice inside. Add some of their wasabi-mayo and you will be in burger paradise.

4. Ted’s Montana Grill
Ted’s may be a chain, but their burgers are off the wall, especially their Bison Bacon Cheeseburger. The bison meat is much leaner than cow, but the flavor is just the same, if not greater. If you have never eaten a Bison burger, do yourself a favor and get one now from Ted’s.

5. The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden
Be sure to wear your hipster clothes, but it’s worth the price to enjoy one of these burgers. The Farm Burger is my favorite here with bacon, ham, and a fried egg. Be sure to work out extra before you pack on the ridiculous amount of calories in this burger, but it is sure worth it.

Coach – Luke Myszka ( @lukemyszka )

I honestly think that some of the most heated arguments I have gotten into while living in Nashville have revolved around THE perfect burger. So many choices around here now, but here are the only 5 you need to know. NOTE: These are the 5 best burgers in Nashville. Comparing these, or ranking within these top 5 picks, would be a disservice and shameful to the burger community.
5. PM
If there was a Best Burger: Asian category, this would take the cake. The spices that they put in with this char-grilled burger are unlike anything I had ever tasted prior to tasting this burger for the first time. I always get mine with pepper-jack cheese (and bacon if it’s pay day), and the steak fries. If you’re looking for a burger unlike any other, PM is right for you. They’re open really late too, great for after a show when you’re looking to munch on something quick.
I’ve said it before – I think that Sportsman’s Grille is the most underrated burger in Nashville [LINK: https://twitter.com/lukemyszka/statuses/305854107414040578]. Having went to Belmont, this was a place that no one really ever talked about, which is a shame really. It’s a no-hype, no-frills burger done perfectly. It’s one of those burgers that stays with you for hours after you’ve eaten it. In fact, I find myself always saying “Gosh, that was an incredible burger.” to myself days after I’ve devoured this burger. I’ve always had a positive experience here, and best of all, the burgers start at $5 on Mondays! Great happy hour specials, too.
There’s what many call ‘a cheeseburger’, and then there is ‘The Cheese Burger’ at The Pharmacy. The word ‘cheese’ is more of an understatement than you can even imagine with a combination of cheddar, swiss, and muenster piled high and melted to perfection. Atmosphere in the beer garden is great when it’s warm outside, and since it’s also got the “East Nashville hype” surrounding it, lines can get pretty long. Believe me – this one’s worth it.
I lump these two together since they are owned by the same company and source their meat similarly. This burger is as gourmet as a burger should ever get. The meat is made up of ribeye, NY strip, and filet from one of Nashville’s most elite steakhouses, Kayne Prime. Based on this one component alone, this burger is a win. Add some of the best fries in Nashville as well, and this is a burger paradise. Since these are both in either Midtown or the Gulch, wait times can get a bit long, and it’s worth every second.
This heavenly hole-in-the-wall restaurant holds a special place in my heart. The first time I ever went to Gabby’s about 4 years ago, the special at the time was the Breakfast Burger [LINK: http://www.foodspotting.com/reviews/1068281], piled with bacon, cheese, and an over-easy egg. The moment I sank my teeth into that concoction, I was in love. The local, grass-fed beef was tender, and the combo of the bacon, egg, and cheese added a flavor that was just absolutely perfect. I’ve never had anything else because this burger is so darn good. Pair that with some of the best sweet potato fries in the world – you won’t be sorry.
Coach – Tyler Scott ( @tylerscott89 )

Few things in Nashville are as fiercely debated as the subject of hamburgers. But I don’t offer an opinion on the matter, so much as I proclaim scientific fact.

1) The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden
I’m starting out the list on top, because there really is no other place in Nashville that quite measures up to The Pharmacy. Every burger on their menu is going to be superior to any burger at any other joint in town. If you’ve never been, go immediately  to East Nashville and order the Farm Burger with sweet potato fries.

Seriously, stop reading right now, and go get the best burger Nashville has to offer.

The Farm Burger is, like the rest of their offerings, made from 100% Tennessee beef, then topped with ham, bacon and an egg. It’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at once, and it is a revelation. The Stroganoff Burger is a close second, on account of the delicious, creamy mushroom stroganoff béchamel topping.

Their buns are created especially for The Pharmacy, lightly toasted, and have an exceptionally complimentary flavor and softness.

If you’re looking for a leaner offering, you can substitute the beef for turkey, order a chicken sandwich, or choose from their two vegetarian options: the Falafel Burger or the Black Bean Burger. And considering this restaurant’s German roots, they also have a selection of bratwurst.

They are the only place in town to offer an old-school soda fountain, and create a variety of soda beverages from scratch and with no preservatives or artificial additives. As the name implies, they also serve an excellent variety of beer, both on tap and on ice. The atmosphere is also a fantastic representation of the trendy growth of East Nashville, without being pretentious or judgmental.

2) PM
This restaurant essentially sits on Belmont’s campus, and boasts of it’s “asian-inspired cuisine.” That being said, I have only ever tried their well-regarded char-grilled burger. Everything about this burger is so elegantly well-composed, yet understated and unassuming. The standout feature of this terrific burger is the wasabi mayonnaise with which it is served. It’s a unique and exceptional flavor, without being spicy or overwhelming. Be sure you order the sweet potato fries!

3) Gabby’s
Located near the Nashville Sound’s Greer Stadium, this humble joint is only open for lunch hours Monday through Saturday, with the exception of a “late” Friday closing time of 7:30pm. If you just want a really, really good burger without any pretense, this will rock your world. It’s a tiny building, but clearly popular and well-adored. They hang photographs of the customers on the wall, because they are the real celebrities, and it’s apparent the owner is a welcoming, warm and outgoing friend to everyone. Their burgers have an excellent home-grilled vibe: no frills, no extravagance; just a simple, excellent burger. Their sweet potato fries are an excellent side.


4) Sax Deli
Located in Hendersonville, this deli is well-worth the short trip outside the bounds of downtown Nashville. Everything on the menu is excellent, but burgers are the subject at hand, and indeed they excel here, too. Similar to Gabby’s, the burger is unadorned and a casual affair, but don’t let that detract from its incredible flavor. The most note-worthy aspect is actually the bun, which has an incredibly fresh softness unlike anything I’ve ever had elsewhere. As you’ve likely noticed, I have an obsession with sweet potato fries. Unfortunately, Sax does not offer this tasty variation, but their standard fries are exceptional. Their normal size is enough for two, and their “Sax o’ fries” could cover a family. Their potato salad is also phenomenal. Jump in the car with a few friends, and go enjoy some group Sax.

5) Burger Republic
To be completely honest, I have not yet ventured to Burger Republic. I have heard good things, and while they also refrain from serving sweet potato fries, they offer tater tots. I could never turn down tater tots. My reason for choosing Burger Republic, despite my inexperience with the restaurant, is that I vehemently refuse to give recognition to another immensely overrated and underwhelming burger joint in Nashville. Though I’m sure you’ve already read somebody else’s high praise of this mediocre and pretentious burger place, I refuse to even name it. Instead, branch out and try something new with me: Burger Republic. For that matter, go to Five Guys, or McDonald’s, or White Castle, and you’ll still have a better burger experience.*

*This sentence is hyperbole, not science. It is still not far from the actual, scientific truth.
burger republic

Coach – Luke McElroy ( @lukemcelroy )

1. Fido
I’m at Fido almost twice a week for breakfast or coffee before work. My first visit over 5 years ago was life changing. But I had their Local Burger a few weeks back and it changed my life. After a recommendation from a good friend who knows my appreciation for burgers, he said the neighborhood coffee shop knows a thing or two. It’s pure local beef, cooked to perfection with the just right amount of juice and flavor. I highly recommend this place .

So much of a great burger is tied up in the atmosphere and ambiance that you’re in when you pick it up and eat it. The Pharmacy has, bar none, the best atmosphere for a burger joint in all of Nashville. On a perfect summer evening, there’s no better place I would rather be than at a picnic table under the massive oak tree lined with bistro lights. It’s quite amazing how good the burger there is, regardless of environment, which makes this place a sure shot for this list.
Think a burger joint isn’t a great date place? Think again. Burger Up, one of my favorite places in Nashville has just a hint of class coated in the relaxed environment that any burger place should embody. From the richness of their Black and Blue burger to the sharpness of their Pimento Burger, Burger Up has a burger that fits your liking. Don’t like a lot of crazy things on a burger? Stick with the Classic or Woodstock to be safe.
I’m skeptical of new burger places. With Nashville having such incredible options when it comes to beef on a bun, I was hesitant to go to Burger Republic the first time. However, after I decided to give in… I can’t stop going. There’s no question it’s among the greatest burger in town. They’re also good at making an incredible milkshake. Who doesn’t like a good milkshake with their burger?
burger republic
Since all of my other choices seem to center around atmosphere, I thought it was only fair to add one to the mix that doesn’t have ANY atmosphere. This is a local favorite by many… and a lot of people don’t have a clue as to where it is. This burger is massive. It’s amazing and served out of a building no larger than a standard Out House. Drive through is the only way you can order this delicious sandwich. It’s best served with a hearty handful of fresh cut fries.
Ok, friends, which Region got it right? Vote below for your favorite and see which coach will be crowned Champion!
  1. Rick says:

    Great places all. However, Taps on Belcourt should be mentioned as well.

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